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Metaclix LLC - Connecticut Website Design and Consulting Firm

Connecticut Website Design & Consulting Firm

Metaclix is a Professional website design and consulting firm located in Stratford, Connecticut. We have been designing and managing websites for both Connecticut and national clients for over 7 years. We specialize in both web design, consulting, website maintenance, hosting and website redesigns. Metaclix is helping Connecticut and National website owners make smarter business decisions about their web investments. Whether you need a new website or you're simply looking to improve an existing one, you'll need a website that sells. We are here to help you in every step of your design!


Web Consulting


Web Design

  Our Website Consulting Services include Website Project Management, Consulting and Maintenance. Let us maintain your site while you focus on your business and increase your sales. Our prices are competitive and we have years of experience behind us. Contact Metaclix today and let us free you from your daily updates.   We design websites that sell and the overwhelming majority of other site designers simply don't have the awareness, experience and tools they need to help clients successfully manage and improve their businesses over time. Contact Metaclix today for a website design quote!  

A New Way of Thinking About Design

Business improvement one click at a time! Often our clients think of site optimization as just search engine results and placement when in fact with the right tools ad planning, an entire website can be improved. Let Metaclix Show You How!



Redesigning Your Website

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