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Redesigning Your Website

Website Optimization - Fine Tuning Your Site for Web Perfection
Don't Make Me Think - A Common Sense Approach to Web Usability


Getting Started Online Business Tips- Before you start your web design, build a checklist!
Website Grader - Website Grader by HubSpot
Google Site Map Creator- Allow Google to index your pages.


Fixing your Issues - Powered by Search Commander
The Work of the Web - Understanding Web Analytics

SEO Articles

Fine Tuning Your Site for Web Perfection - Your site should be optimized, but is it optimized for business?
SEO Chat - Read about what is going on in the SEO Industry
SEO Automatic - Powered by Search Commander


Looking for site success? Effective web design is problem solving.

Your design is simply one element of your customer's experience. Our information architects will help you overlay your visitors' goals with that of your business.

We design sites that sell and the overwhelming majority of site designers simply don't have the awareness, experience and tools they need to help clients successfully manage and improve their businesses over time.


Metaclix develops intelligent, dynamically generated, database driven web sites, from interactive on-line applications to customized shopping carts. After we've developed your applications, we'll help you measure and improve them over time.

Was something you've had built in the past supposed to generate leads or increase your sales, but it still doesn't quite work? We'll help you improve it.


The key to this or any other business is relationships. If you understand your customers you are far more likely to be able to influence them. Metaclix will work closely with you to better understand your customers' motivations and their needs.

We will develop a unique marketing strategy that maps back to your business goals and help you make business decisions about your site that will save you money and time. Whether paid inclusion or pay for performance you'll need a plan to improve your impressions, clickthrough and most importantly, conversion rates.


Keyword placement, search affinity, page title and content design are just a few of the elements needed to successfully and organically move your site from anonymity to the forefront. Getting to the top is often difficult, but maintaining your position takes strategy and plenty of work. We'll provide a plan in 72 hours that will help you generate the traffic you need to meet your sales goals.


We offer Windows 2000 web hosting to our clients. Custom packages are available to fit your exact hosting requirements and business needs whether you need FrontPage extensions or .NET framework support.


Metaclix uses a variety of tools and applications to successfully complete our projects, but often our clients simply don't have the time to manage much needed day to day site operations. If you need assistance in planning campaigns, reporting, analysis or site fixes you can depend on Metaclix to make timely updates, confidently.


Do you currently have a website but need someone to manage it? Do you need someone to manage a project for you? Let our professional certified Project Management Specialists handle the day to day tasks. We are PMI Certified!

Consulting & Project Management

Do you currently have a website but need someone to manage it?  Do you need someone to manage a project for you?  Let our professional certified Project Management Specialists handle the day to day tasks.  We are PMI certified