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When you have to make a business decision about your website, whom do you ask? Would you say that you often make decisions based on subjective opinions? Or perhaps, you take your webdesigner's word at face value? Now don't get me wrong. Observations are fine, in fact, they are firmly rooted in good business practice, but opinions are far better when they are supported by accurate, objective data, and this information should not to be confused with technographics provided to you through logfiles or other static traffic analysis.

A Web Mechanic?
Here's an example. You drive your car every day, so when something is wrong with it you either hear or intuitively feel that something is not quite right. Many of us make observations about our cars based on our experience. We take our cars to mechanics and we provide a description of the symptoms to them. You say, " It makes a funny clicking sound when you turn the car on". What happens next is often a diagnosis from your mechanic, but he has a variety of tools at his disposal to choose from, the most accurate would be by making a connection to your car with a computer. A diagnostic program is run through your car and it identifies sticky problem areas.

Web Diagnostics
Now, what if you could attach that same diagnostic tool to your website? Wouldn't that save you time and money? Not to mention if you could consistently attach these diagnostic tools to your site, it might provide you with intelligence that would make it perform better over time! Well there is a tool designed to help business owners make business decisions about their websites, and it puts that decision making process back in your hands. You won't have to ask your web designer how your website is performing because you would know, before he does. You'll still need a designer or at least someone who knows enough to move objects and make adjustments to your websites, but what you could do, is direct him or her to the problems as you identify them. Then you could monitor those changes over time to ensure that they have been effective. Now wouldn't that be a good use of resource?

Asking the Right Business Questions
There are many parts of your site that can make or break your business. You should understand when those levers should be pushed. If you are interested in connecting your business to your website, perhaps it's time you take a look at a more structured approach to managing it.

10 Days of Smarter Decisions
Metaclix can help you right now. Identify two challenges you currently have with your web site and let us go to work. You'll get 10 days of accurate web tracking, reporting and analysis, and when you qualify, our web professionals will hand you a written action plan unique to your business. Start today, there is no obligation! But hurry, we are only offering this promotion for a short period of time. Consider it one more way that Metaclix is helping site owners make Smarter Decisions About their Web Investments.