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Build a better website ROI through Web Analytics
Measuring your site's effectiveness does seem logical, but how do you determine if your site really is a likely candidate?

As a marketer, I would suggest that if you are in the business of maintaining a web site, then you'll need the proper management tools to be successful. Improving your site's ROI is often a combination of web site visitor tracking, strong performance management tools and consistent web reporting. But don't take my word for it. Just to be sure, we've provided a proper staging ground for making that final determination: So, to Measure or Not to Measure? And Thanks to Eric Petersen for all of his valuable insight.

Your site is a likely candidate for visitor tracking and process measurement:

  • When visitors on your site complete a process and your business makes money as a result of that success.
  • If your site metrics decreased by more than 15-20%, would your business loose money?
  • When understanding customer intent or online behavior might help you improve your business or help you better budget your resources.
  • If you'd like to better understand if customers are experiencing problems with a process you have created or a message you have designed.
  • When you have spent money to enable a process and now you need some sort of return on your investment.
  • When your customers can complete similar processes on your competitor's web site.
  • When you typically make changes to your site based on hunches or because your web designer suggested that you do?

If you've answered yes, to one or more of these questions, then perhaps its time you began to measure your site for success. Stop managing your site blindly. Gain the experience and knowledge that is being captured on your site daily. We can help you better Manage your site and your business. Contact Metaclix for a free initial consultation.