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Website Optimization - Fine Tuning Your Site for Web Perfection
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Getting Started Online Business Tips- Before you start your web design, build a checklist!
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The Work of the Web - Understanding Web Analytics

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Fine Tuning Your Site for Web Perfection - Your site should be optimized, but is it optimized for business?
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You should expect more from your website! What we do may not be unique, just try searching for web page analysis under Google, but how we approach your business is.

Understanding the Business Value Behind Your Design
Ostensibly, all professional designers can build a website competently. But how important is success to you? If success is being measured by the number of compliments you receive about your site, that's fine. But beyond look and feel what is the measurable business value behind your site? Effective Web traffic reporting can often be the difference between success or failure. Your business needs performance mangement , now your site does too.

What business goals are currently being met by your website?
If you can't readily answer that , perhaps its time you ask the right questions.

What Questions Should You Ask About Your Business?

  • Are you increasing the number of leads?
  • Who are your most profitable customers on your site?
  • How can you identify them?
  • How good are you at converting browsers to buyers?
  • How should you prioritize your site investments?
  • Where are customers abandoning your site and why?
  • If you thought something was wrong with your site, how could you prove it?

Metaclix is putting site ownership back into the hands of the business owner
Working through us means you'll know what most webdesigners don't know about ebusiness success. Our professionals already work in an industry that asks us to validate every dollar spent. Our small business webpage analysis package can help you best understand what improve on your site. Metaclix will show you how.

Competitive Advantage
We are well positioned to meet the critical needs of the small business owners we serve. We will provide you with big business insights to meet your small business needs, and that gives you an incredible competitive advantage.